If you would like to sell honey to us, please fill out the form below and send it, together with 1kg of the honey that you intend to sell as a sample, to the following adress:

Swienty Commodities ApS
Hørtoftvej 16
DK-6400 Sønderborg

Form: Warenprobe Honig

As soon as we have received the sample, we will contact you to talk about the details. The sample is used for analysis and should be representative for the entire honey that you would like to sell.


We buy honey in 20kg buckets, in 300kg industrial steel drums and in pallet tanks.

1. Buckets

Buckets should only be used once and can be purchased at Swienty A/S in Ragebøl or here online.

When we receive the honey, we deduct 1kg from the gross weight of each bucket for packaging.

Please note your name, the type of the honey and the date of extraction on each bucket (not on the lid).

2. 300kg Industrial steel drums

Please make sure that you use food grade steel drums that are painted with food grade lacquer on the inside and the outside.

Drums should not be damaged or show sign of rust. Before filling honey into a drum, make sure that it is cleaned thoroughly without harmful chemicals. 

You can receive new drums from us against a depositum. Please let us know in due time whether you need new drums or not.

3. Pallet tanks

Like drums, pallet tanks should be made of food grade material, show no sign of damages and be cleaned thoroughly.