The brand Swienty is known by beekeepers worldwide: for its filling machines, filling stations, lid fitters, labelling machines, filling lines and many more:
Swienty offers quality products from Denmark for small beekers, professional beekeepers and the whole beekeeping industry.

Like Swienty A/S, Swienty Commodities is a company that highly values the quality and reliability of its products. Accordingly, we strive to create long-term partnerships with the beekeepers that supply us with honey. This allow us to always offer the best quality available. To suppliers, we offer our expertise in beekeeping and honey processing. This helps increase the quality and quantity of the honey that they supply. It is our goal to be the most competent, productive and professional partner – to our suppliers and customers in the industry.

Are you are interested in selling beeswax to or through us? We are very much looking forward to hearing from you!

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