Thanks to our extensive network of beekeepers, we can offer you a wide selection of honey from all around the world. Depending on your needs, we can offer our honey in:

  • buckets (20kg)
  • pallet tanks (1.000-1.300kg)
  • steel drums (300kg)

You can find a short overview of our regular supply here. If you are looking for specialty honey, we are looking forward to hearing from you. We will gladly assist in finding exactly the honey that you are looking for. 


As a broker for bee products, we follow the same principles and standards regarding quality and product safety as Swienty A/S has for more than 30 years.

First of all this means, that all the honey we sell is conform to EU regulation 2001/110/EG. However, to be able to continuously provide the best bee products available, we go much further. To make sure that all products meet our and international standards, we pay particular attention to the following areas:


Swienty has built a worldwide network of beekeepers, beekeeping equipment suppliers and honey packers over many years. This is the basis of our work and our most important security. In many countries, we know trustworthy beekeepers. We have worked with them and supplied them with equipment to improve their production capacities and the quality of their honey. Therefore, we know their way of beekeeping first hand, have seen their production facilities and have tasted their products.

Using modern analysis to confirm the quality of honey and beeswax is necessary and important. But we believe that a personal relationship and long-term partnership with the people you deal with is equally important.

Honey analysis

To insure the quality of our products, we have set up a small honey-testing laboratory that we are constantly expanding. This means we can provide both buyers and sellers with quick and reliable results. At the moment, we can test the primary parameters of honey, as e.g. color, moisture content, ph-value, elec. Conductivity, HMF, sugar content etc. For additional analysis, we send samples to the internationally renowned laboratories Intertek Food Services GmbH and Quality Services International GmbH (QSI) in Germany.

Gentle handling of the honey

Quality specifications like HMF, diastase or ph-value are determined in international and national regulations or have become a standard within the industry. Most beekeepers have heard of these specifications. But many do not know how exactly they relate to their honey and their beekeeping practices. Through our expertise in beekeeping equipment and honey processing, we are specialists in this area. But we also know the work of a beekeeper and the challenges that they face. We offer this know-how to our suppliers to help them implement honey processing practices on the highest level. We make sure that the practices are as gentle to the honey as possible. In return, we can raise the quality of our honey year by year. One day, we will truly have the best honey in the world!


To make sure that we always know where our products come from and where they go, we give everything we sell a unique number. When necessary, this number enables us to trace any product during the entire process from production to delivery.  


Honey is a natural and unique product, which means that specifications will not necessarily be the same from one year to the next or from one location to another. This can lead to misunderstandings and differences in opinion, which can cause a lot of harm to business relationships. Especially in intercultural constellations, a slight misunderstanding can develop into a full-fledged crisis. As a broker, our task is to represent both sides in relieving potential confrontations and counteracting misconceptions to create a business environment that all parties benefit from.

National inspections

Swienty Commodities is inspected once a year by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries (Fødevarestyrelsen). They make sure that the strict Danish rules regarding food safety, processing, storage, traceability etc. are met. The current report can always be found on our start page.