Swienty Commodities ApS was founded in 2013 as a subsidary of the beekeeping equipment company Swienty A/S. Initially, the main purpose of the company was to export Danish honey to stabilize honey prices within Denmark. Based on this objective, our scope has expanded quickly. Today, we can not only offer you Danish products, but also pure honey and beeswax from all around the world.

Swienty Commodities - honey and beeswax

Broker for honey and beeswax

As a broker for bee products, we benefit from the extensive network and know-how that Swienty has developed over three decades of being in the beekeeping business. Nevertheless, we are always looking for new partners that share our high standards in quality and service to expand our network. One day, we hope that we can truly offer the best bee products there are from anywhere in the world.

We are especially proud of our DANIDA development project. To find out more about DANIDA and our project in Uganda, please click here.